We currently sell beer to go from our tasting room in: 15.5 Gallon (1/2 Barrel) standard kegs. We also offer a few of our beers in 7.75 gallon (slim ¼ BBL kegs), which serve on average about 55-60 pints (16oz servings).

If there are any questions, email kegs@iciclebrewing.com. Please allow at least seven days for keg requests to be fulfilled.

An $80 (fully refundable) deposit is required for each keg. We rent pump taps for $10 each, with a $20 deposit (also fully refundable). Payment and deposit(s) are due at time of pick up. Once a keg is sold, it is no longer refundable. We ask that you please return our shell within a week (*does not apply to kegerator keg purchases). Refunds for kegs and taps will be can only be issued to the credit/debit card used at the time of purchase. (**This is new, as we are eliminating the use of cash for keg deposits. If you already have a cash deposit on file for previous kegerator purchases, we ask that you help us transition you to a credit card deposit on file for keg purchases going forward.)

All of our kegs require an American “D” Sankey Coupler.

Full ½ BBL kegs weigh roughly 160 lbs., please help us by bringing a buddy to help you load it into your car.